What a trip! I want to thank you so much. A lifetime of memories. At our last dinner when I asked the kids what their favorite day was, the hands down conclusion was a day in Rome touring the Colosseum, Forum and Pantheon! So fantastic and so please pass on to your contact at Massar Travel just how outstanding that was. Virgilio the driver was so gracious and the kids loved the outfitted black Mercedes and I just can’t say enough about Frederica (sp?). She was so easy to talk to and made us (including 3 somewhat sleepy teens/young adults) feel relaxed and at ease. Her knowledge about all was unbelievable. There was not one question that we asked her - from one about who Caligula was to why this little door was in the ground when exiting the Forum (water line!). We never would have come away with so much understanding of Rome and history if we did it all on our own. We are all inspired to pull out books and learn more.

Absolutely worth every cent for the curious. Please encourage future clients and feel free to pass on my praise!

Thanks again for all,

Ciao ; )

Mrs. Julie O'Rourke

 Our trip to Sicily was very special. Many thanks to you and Chiara for your all help and expertise. Every detail worked out perfectly. Our drivers and the tour guides were the best! Both hotels were welcoming and very comfortable. Fawn and I got back to the U.S. feeling very rested and we are already looking forward to our next trip!
             Best wishes during the holiday season and in the New Year!

Ric C. (USA)

Ciao Maria,

I want to thank you for arranging the transfers for the wedding. The drivers were wonderful, they were early. I couldn’t have been happier.


Lisa D. (USA)


I just wanted to send over a note of gratitude on behalf of Mrs. Whatley and Ms. Rideout. They had an amazing trip and loved all the tour guides. Thank you for providing excellent service on the ground for them. Your guidance and dedication to my clients is most appreciated!
I am thankful for the wonderful partnership!
Whatley V. (USA)

We had an amazing tour of Florence with an amazing tour guide, the next day we had an amazing tour of Perugia, my trip to the Perugina factory tour was fun and eye-opening! I couldn't believe that they had the world's biggest Baci there, how delicious! They let us eat as much chocolate as we wanted!

I really can't thank the generous people of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for making an 11 year old kid feel so special, and to be able to have such an amazing experience

Koch Family /USA)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to send a note to thank ALL of you so much for our incredible trip to Italy!
All of your recommendations and suggestions were spot on, and my entire family had an amazing time.
Thank you for all of your time and patience with us  and thanks for all of the transfers and wonderful tours.  Everybody we dealt with on your end, whether it was a driver or  a tour guide, was extremely friendly, knowledgable, fun, and efficient.
We will definitely recommend your company, and will always remember our fantastic family trip to Italy.
Kyler-Wank A. (USA)

The tour has been terrific. Alberto was really informative, very easy going. We all liked him.   Thanks

Jo Peters (USA)

Dear Sabrina and Francesca,

I just want to thank you so much for assisting with this tour for my very good friend, Cortney Crespo, and her mother Toni. I wanted to let you know how much they loved Gianluigi as their guide. They said he went out of his way to make the tour memorable, was so friendly, funny and kind, and how great it was that he brought his IPad loaded with historical photos, drawings, maps, etc. which really helped bring the Vatican and Ancient Rome to life and make their first visit to Rome (and Italy!) so enjoyable.

I know this was our very first time working together and I thank you so much for making us look so good! I just spoke to her and she and her mother are absolutely elated.

Courtney C. (USA)


I was with our group in Rome.  The hotel was charming with so many lovely touches.  It showed real care while maintaining a traditional style.  Our guests loved it.  Mauro was a delight.  He went above and beyond and hit a great balance of information that everyone appreciated.  
The transport all arrived on time without any issues. 
Thanks so much for your help
Lisa S. (USA)

Hi Francesca,

Brigantes had an absolutely outstanding trip.   They made one mistake and got off the train one stop early in Rome and that was the only issue!!!  She said it was a trip of a lifetime.  They were upgraded in Florence and that made them very happy! 

Thanks again for all of your excellent guidance. 

John B. (USA)

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