As you immerse yourself in Italy's breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine and fine wines, immense history and inestimable art, you will soon see why Italy never ceases to surprise and delight.

Whether you want to relax on the blue Mediterranean coasts of Sicily, taste the best wines of the Piedmont region or experience the dolce vita by sailing through the pristine island of Ischia, all our bespoke experiences are carefully designed to guarantee you the most memorable time in the Bella Italia.

Luxury Outdoor Experiences

Are you ready to experience the outdoor adventure of a lifetime? Enjoy the comfort and elegance of your exclusive accommodation and let us accompany you to discover the extraordinary natural beauty of Italy

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Exclusive Gourmet Journeys

Plunge into a journey of culinary delights and let your palate dream with the fine Italian food and wine

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Bespoke Wellbeing Escapes

Treat yourself to a wellness escape, take care of your mind, body and spirit by allowing yourself intimate, immersive and exclusive moments to rest and reload

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Privileged spiritual routes

Let your spirit immerse itself completely in the sacred wonders of Italy, from the Most Holy Catholic Places to remote meditation villages, from the ancient traces of Jewish places to local monasteries, we will take you on an extraordinary journey of the soul

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Art Cities & Top Unesco Sites

Discover the most spectacular UNESCO sites and enjoy private and tailor-made experiences among the archaeological, architectural and cultural treasures of Italy

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Dream stays

Experience the thrill of a 5-star morning awakening, from a boutique hotel to a glamping resort. Whether it's a villa with a pool, an apartment with a rooftop golf course or a night on a private boat we will unlock the key to your imagination

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Aware that your time is the most precious thing, let yourself be taken care of and treat yourself to a carefree holiday with our luxury concierge service. Whether it's to buy a property or a request from a personal shopper, we are here for you, making your experience pleasant and relaxed

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Let us have the privilege to take you to the journey of your life. We will take you back in time to uncover your family legacy

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Shore excursion

Take a break from your cruise along the beautiful Italian coast and put your feet on the ground to discover the beauties of the hinterland, choosing our exclusive private shore excursions, all tailor-made, aboard vintage vespa, electric bicycles or comfortable cars of luxury

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Kids & family

Tailor-made experiences for our young travelers and their families. All our itineraries combine the adventure of knowledge with educational enrichment in the most authentic and fun way. Explore, play and discover the beauties of Italy with Lucio the Bear,the mascot of Massari Travel: follow his footsteps and discover Italy while having fun!

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Italian Journeys

Whatever your ideal Italian Journey is, just make a wish and we will make it come true

We have designed for you a full range of amazing journeys through the whole country that will remain etched in your soul for the rest of your life.

The true luxury is when you get all you need even before asking for it, that is exactly what Massari Travel will do for you.

Just relax and let us design the perfect Italian Journey for you.

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