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"The Luxury of Travelling in Italy"

Realizing Bespoke dreams in a privileged and seductive land like Italy, is a true luxury that requires a meticulous work of passion and a continuous search for ever higher standards of quality and elegance.

Art, culture, wine, gastronomy, crafts, high fashion and an unrivalled beauty and natural richness.

This Is Italy.

An extraordinary living painting where the essence of the art of good living is intertwined with traditions and ancient masterpieces to protect, enhance and share in the name of ethical tourism, conscious and responsible.

Insider access moments define the Massari Travel Experience in Italy.

Whether you are new to Italy’s beauty or a lover dreaming another trip, let Massari Travel take you on your most authentic journey yet.

Let your dreams come true and join us for your most fascinating journey tailored to every desire.

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"When respecting the environment is no longer a luxury but a priority"

Our environment is our best friend and for this reason Massari Travel never misses an opportunity to invite its travelers to favor inclusive, responsible and sustainable tourism.

Not only do we promote eco-oriented holidays, with a rich offer of luxury outdoor activities and the best selection of partners with the same vision oriented towards respect for the planet, we also believe in the importance of many small daily practices adopted throughout our process of management.