About Us


Since 1967, Massari Travel is proud to have foreseen the future of luxury tourism, the most experiential and conscious one, the one that takes care of the earth and wants to discover authentic destinations, by creating exclusive, unique and unforgettable itineraries, without sacrifying comfort and leisure.

Nothing is standardized.

Everything is created to suit your client’s specific needs.

Properties and destinations are personally inspected, activities are experienced, tour guides and drivers known in person for a long time.

Nothing is left to chance.

We work with people, for people and we have been doing it for more than 55 years, creating true, deep relationships that will open doors normally closed to many.

We cherish our relationships with our agents, working with us from all over the world, and we always walk the extra mile for them, since we believe our unique selling proposition lies there.

Our discoveries become their discoveries; our white labelled product becomes theirs.

Our passionate office staff, available 7/7, is attentive and eager to help and we pride to answer within 24 hours to any request, thank to our large and reliable network of suppliers that extends in Italy from North to South, from East to West.

Whether it's an exclusive wine tasting in the eco -friendly Umbria region, or a villa for rent in a still hidden part of Tuscany or sailing on a private yacht along the Amalfi Coast or going on a gondola in Venice, we will be able to find a way to surprise you and create a never to be forgotten experience between tradition and innovation.

President and CEO
Thinking outside the box, taking a leap of faith is scary, but it's the path to knowledge and change. Therefore, I'm not afraid to learn and take risks. I'm not afraid to make mistakes; I'm afraid of standing still.


Operation Department

My enthusiasm in my work is ensuring that customers always receive the best service possible


Operation department

My name is Lella, my passion is traveling, learning, experiencing new things. This is why i have always worked in tourism. After thirty years of activity, I have maintained the same enthusiasm towards listening, sharing and proposing the best solutions for the purpose to help create unforgettable memories


Head of Booking & Product Department

I have a deep passion for traveling and a profound love for my country, so I've made the choice to dedicate myself to something that beautifully combines these two loves.


Operation department

Traveling the world has always been my passion, but even more so, sharing and letting others experience the same emotions I feel while traveling now, with my job, I can.

Francesca Romana

Booking Agent

From a very young age, I used to ask my parents to take me to a travel agency. I loved dreaming by leafing through catalogs. Today, the desire to discover the world and every nuance of it has led me to further my studies and specialize in the field.


Booking Agent

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.


Head of Accounting Department

I've been working with Massari Travel for years. I love my job and my team.


Accounting Department

In the accounting department of a travel agency, there is never a dull moment.


Accounting Department

The union makes strength.


Sales & Marketing

Business is my pleasure.
People are my passion.



When respecting the environment is no longer a luxury but a priority


Experience: since 1967 we have been welcoming travelers from all continents, offering them a deep knowledge of Italy and attention to the most exclusive and authentic experiences.

Reliability: we are proud to be the first Italian tour operator to have received the Trusted FIT Service certificate: guarantee of quality, reliability and financial security of the destination management companies and specialists in the travel sector.

Passion: we are deeply in love with our country and driven by an ever-burning curiosity that pushes us to constantly look for the latest news of Italian tourism and its immense artistic, natural and cultural heritage.

Creativity: we realize bespoke dreams and design multisensory experiences capable of actively involving our travelers in a path of constant enrichment, leisure and well-being.

Around the clock Customer Care: hospitality is a priority for us, not just a service. We make our guests feel at home, taking care of the details of their stay in a personalized way and offering them efficient and reliable advice 24 hours a day.

Follow up: It will be our care and pleasure, at the end of each trip, to review every detail of your experience with us, both the good ones and the bad ones.

Thanks to your precious help we will be able not only to keep up with our high standards but also to always push ourselves to do better.

Sustainability: we place the utmost attention on protecting the environment and safeguarding our planet, making ourselves promoters of the challenge of the 2030 Agenda, such as the 17 goals defined by the United Nations for a Sustainable Development.


Massari Travel is your travel boutique specialized in designing private experiences, VIP journeys and exclusive honeymoons to the most enchanting places in Italy, as well as creating tailor-made authentic experiences for families and small generational groups.

Conventions, incentive travels, team building and business activities: we tailor the best services for MICE tourism with sensitivity, innovation and expertise.

With its 7,456 km caressed by 6 seas, Italy is the first European destination for cruise tourism.

Whether from Venice, Palermo, Naples, Catania or Genoa or any other Italian port, Massari Travel will tailor for you full-day or few hours private shore excursions to discover the most evocative surroundings of the hinterland.

All our excursions are private and aboard a wide choice of means of transport according to your preferences from comfortable luxury cars to vintage vespas or even electric bicycles!

Massari Travel believes in the values of accessible and inclusive tourism: in addition to being an LGBTQ + friendly tour operator and part of the IGLTA community, we place the utmost empathy and attention towards female solo travelers and all those travelers with special needs.